Outstanding Childminders

How do they do it? Mel Parks hears from four successful childminders about their journeys to being awarded the top childcare grade by Ofsted.

10 per cent of early years childcare providers were awarded outstanding by Ofsted between 2008 and 2011. (Ofsted report on inspection outcomes, March 2011)

So what do those 10 per cent do to make them stand out? According to the Ofsted resource, Childminding: A Passion to be Outstanding, they are passionate about what they do, continually striving to improve and have excellent relationships with parents and other partners.

Michelle Archer from Maidstone knows about the journey of continual improvement to gain outstanding. Having previously been a foster carer, she made the move to childminding six years ago and was awarded satisfactory in her first inspection. She says, “I knew all the answers, I just didn’t have the evidence and policies to back it up.” Three years and a lot of hard work later, Michelle was working with an assistant, and they were awarded outstanding.

This 1500 word article was published in full in NCMA’s Who Minds? magazine. Read it all here.


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