Confessions of a Pushy Parent

I had one of those conversations today when the truth nearly came out. I was in the checkout queue at the supermarket, balancing a basket of recycled wet wipes, biodegradable nappy sacks, and sugar-free biscuits on the hood of the pram. Ioan was saying, “cake, cake, cake.” I offered him a chunk of peeled apple from a Tupperware box in my bag. He waved his arms around frantically, sucked in his breath ready to let out a yell that would be heard at the bakery counter, and creased up his eyes ready to squeeze out a tear. The woman in front of us turned round, gave him a big, exaggerated smile and a big, exaggerated hello. And he smiled back, the white of his four new teeth gleaming.

Read the rest of this story in Honno’s anthology, Strange Days Indeed.


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