Childminders as Early Years Professionals

Four childminders who achieved Early Years Professional Status tell Mel Parks what inspired them to take up the challenge and how they juggled the demanding workload with a busy childminding life.

Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) is the graduate level professional accreditation programme for leading practitioners in the early years sector.

The four childminders each have a degree but in different subjects and have varying levels of childcare experience and qualifications. But what they all had in common when they decided to apply for the EYPS, and went on to achieve it, was a determination to continually improve their practice, to learn as much as they can, and ultimately to succeed at what they do.


Sabia Hoque found that achieving EYPS gave her the confidence to set up her own childminding business after initially working alongside another childminder with EYPS who inspired her to give it a go. She says, “working independently I can develop my ideas and run the business my way with the support of my childminder husband.”

Confidence is something that all the childminders gained as well as a deeper understanding of child development and why children do what they do. One childminder that perhaps had the furthest learning journey in terms of child development was Wendy Pedley from Scarborough, who was accepted on the validation pathway without any qualifications in childcare, but a degree in a related discipline of health studies. It was while she was applying for an NVQ Level 3 that her early years worker suggested the EYPS pathway. Her work setting up a support group for childminders to cascade the professional development training courses she attended gave her the leadership qualities they were looking for.

This 1500 word article was published in full in NCMA’s Who Minds? magazine. To read it all as a sample of my writing, email me.


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